Saturday 2 March 2013


Well Spring is finally here... Can you feel it? Me neither! The final whistle is less than 2 weeks away and it'll soon be time to down rods and try and find something else to do for three months.

The river pike fishing has been terrible, only 5 trips to Penton Hook (for 3 pike) and The Wye has been been unfishable most of the winter (I haven't wet a line in The Wye all season). There are only a few days left but let's hope the weather improves and we can get a few good days in.

Thank God for winter barbel...

Winter Barbel Fishing: The Big Picture
The problem with blogs is they only give you a fraction of the real story. I, like most other angling bloggers, rarely report blank sessions and the hours sat on the riverbank just waiting. Here are the stats:

Oct - 1 barbel
Nov - 1 barbel
Dec - 1 barbel
Jan - 1 barbel

Now consider the fact I didn't lose a fish in those four months, and went regularly, that's a hell of a lot of time waiting for four bites! Fortunately, for what's left of my sanities sake, I didn't keep a record of how many hours - just thinking about it breaks my brain!

But I'm really hoping I'm lucky enough to get a March barbel and complete the collection...


  1. * I did manage to catch a few other species during those four months

    ** My luck improved in February - 3 barbel

    *** Come on March barbel (10.5 hours, 0 fish so far)

  2. Fishing is desperate everywhere Brian. Went to what is the mot reliable stretch on the Avon yesterday and scratched for bites at a place where it's usual when fishing bread to get bites as soon as the lead hits the deck. Managed three fish, lost a good un, but did get a new river PB, so at last, there's something to write about!

    I really think months of more or less continuous flood have seriously stressed them out.

    1. Thought it was tough last season, only 3 Wye pike +22 from other venues... But his season only five pike all year and none from The Wye!

      Nice one with the river PB, as I'm writing this the sun is shining... Spring?

      Ten days left...