Monday 25 March 2013

Photos From The Riverbank 5

Garden Cross Spider

Juvenile Robin - Favourite photo of the season

Red Admiral

Velvet Shank (iPhone)

Grey Heron

Field Mouse - 'Hello'

No Keep Nets - Long standing rule! (iPhone)

Common Toad

Dirty Swans

Fox in the snow (iPhone)


  1. Very good. I like the spider and the tree swallowing the 'No Keepnets Sign'. Is the no keep net thing pretty standard over there now?


  2. Lovely photo's like them all..... Jane

  3. Thank you.

    It's great to get my photos back after I thought I'd lost them in the great computer melt-down of February... A lot of time sneaking about photographing these on a standard point and press camera!

    Keep net rules vary from water to water, there's no need for them unless you're fishing a match or catching spooky fish like chub or roach.