Tuesday 12 March 2013

Cheese Grater: Update

Well, sadly my Apple Mac couldn't be saved, despite the best efforts of the top nerds in London it was fried and was lead into the garden and given both barrels.

Fortunately before joining it's creator in the sky, they managed to get all of the data off it - not the best outcome, but I'm glad to have my work, cartoons and photos back.

Stay tuned for Jack's Pike Volume 4 and SPL, our new iPhone/Android game (I've already said too much).



And the fishing... I couldn't drag myself out into the gale driven horizontal snow yesterday... And today I managed to hook and then lose the same salmon three times during the course of the afternoon...

Two days left...


  1. salmon?? Really?? what sort of size we talking?

    1. Clear as day, about 4lb. Had three chances to land it so feeling a bit unlucky, would have been nice to get a photo.

    2. Cool. Did you get back out after it today? If you get it try to get a few shots of it as the EA etc, will be very interested to know if there are any in the river.

    3. Haven't got a salmon licence, might sink and draw some worms through the spot tomorrow in search of a perch. If I accidentally bump into a salmon I'll get a few photos.

    4. Brian, if you should happen on the Salmon again and manage to land it, try if possible to obtain a few scales from the fish. If there are proved to be Salmon in the river it's likely more funding is available for the restoration/preservation of the river for some reason, which can only be a good thing good for all fish.

      Enjoying the break myself re-landscaping the garden ;0(


  2. You could also consider shrimps - excellent for chub and barbel!

  3. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.