Saturday 9 March 2013

PH6: One Last Blast

Last trip of the season to Penton Hook, we had some unfinished business with the resident bream and pike - well, virtually unstarted business really!

Bite within seconds of my first cast on the feeder rod - this was going to be good. No it wasn't, the river rose like mad and the fish didn't want to play all day.

Still we gave it until dark, it's been pretty terrible all winter, hopefully next season we'll have a bit better conditions... We'll be back!


  1. Brian, myself and Jeff know exactly what you mean.The upper Thames rose pretty fast for us this weekend and more or less killed any chances of a nice mixed bag of fish, not for the want of trying though.

    1. Yeah you have to give it a try, only a few days left.

      I had my chance, after watching a stationary rod for about 8 hours I had a proper wrap-round bite - the shock of which had me striking with the baitrunner still engaged... School boy error!