Saturday 18 August 2012

It's Hot!

I was about an hour late meeting Darren at the river, the moment I arrived his rod ripped round. Great fight and a prehistoric looking mirror carp was banked. 6lb 10oz and as it turned out the only carp of the day - but another great looking fish - in an ugly kind of way!

I had a bit of a mixed bag; with dace, roach, chub and a barbel banked - but nothing over a pound.

Darren headed home at lunch time, I persevered through the hot afternoon and was eventually rewarded with a 3lb 4oz barbel - another barbel for the challenge... And talking of the Challenge, we'd better get back on it...


  1. That mirror reminds me of a Leney.

    1. Wasn't familiar with Leney carp - is that what they are?

      Both of the carp Darren caught looked strangely prehistoric - I really think they look great (and I want to catch one).

      To the Google...

  2. I'm not 100% Brian but it could well be, Leney strain Carp in my opinion are some of the best looking fish. Slow growers when compared to your average Simmo, but for beauty and character nothing surpasses them and that Mirror certainly reminds me of a Leney breed.