Thursday 2 August 2012

Bits & Bobs

Snowed under at work this week, only managed a couple of hours on the river with Dan (he's back bank-side after a nasty infection in his arm rendered him unable to go fishing - nightmare). Just an eel each, double hook-up, need to get back and have a good blast at those barbel!

Last week I lost my sunglasses, an essential piece of equipment for small river fishing, so I was delighted when I returned to the riverbank and found them nearly a week later. Need to transfer some of that luck over to catching fish.

Can't really complain about work, I'm doing some really cool stuff; DVD sleeves, a shark tattoo and a logo for a rad new fishing company - I'll post the logo on here when it's done. I've also built a new blog for design work, hopefully it'll inspire me to post new stuff once in a while... Prawnsoda Blog.

And after a string of big barbel (including 4 doubles so far) Roger finally caught one while someone was walking past to take a photo... His smallest fish of the season!


Well I'm on the subject of tattoos this one was designed for me by top Japanese tattoo artist Cheeta... Now just have to wait until she's back in Europe before I go under the needle.

©2012 Cheeta


  1. Looks like a carp - not a pike, or even a barbel! :-(

  2. Well, Found your sun glasses, fishing season looks to be going well and work is steady. Sweet. Roger, your Barbel looks fantastic. Hopefully we'll get a good pic of you with a big Shark later in the year!!
    Awesome looking Koi. Black and grey or color?


    1. Thought I'd have to email you and ask you to send some new sunglasses, I actually lost them in their case so apart from a bit of slug slime they're none the worst for their adventure. Result.

      Work has stopped me baiting up my roach spot, an hour-ten round trip just to chuck some sweetcorn in a river... And people think fishermen are mad!!

      Shame nobody was walking past when Roger had one of his doubles, but four already - someone will.

      Orange fish, green lilies (not cherry) and gray water - I think, it's whatever the traditional version is.

      Good luck with the sharks