Thursday 30 August 2012

Back To Reality

Dan and I hit the river after work to see if yesterdays feeding frenzy was still happening. It wasn't! I did manage a 4lb 13oz barbel and an eel, Dan nearly managed an eel but it came off before he could deal with it - bet he's gutted.

As darkness fell there was a real chill in the air, time to zip the lining back into my coat. Autumn is almost here and that can mean only one thing... Pike!

Barbel Challenge August 2012:
86lb 9oz | 13 barbel | 6lb 10½oz average | 10lb 8oz best


  1. Good luck with the up-coming Pike season, think I will slug it out for more Barbel and of course BIG Roach.

    1. Thanks. Weather has done a complete U-turn, time for a few more barbel yet... And a BIG roach later in the year.