Saturday, 8 October 2016


Armed with the kitchen scales I was out before dawn to put some weights to these monster minnows (and try and catch a roach). I was soon catching them and about a million minnows later I had one of the big ones, carefully putting it on the scales it went 12 grams - 50% of the record - I was more than happy with that...

I continued catching them and added a couple of 11 gram specimens before swinging in what I thought was a small gudgeon - James watched and didn't believe me when I said "it's a minnow". Neither of us had seen anything like it - it was massive - on the scales it went 18 grams...

That's 75% of the record which makes it my most specimen fish ever. To put it in perspective it's the same as a 35lb 1oz pike, a 15lb 12oz barbel or a 3lb 3oz roach. And even though there is no entry for minnows so far - it's going on my PB list!


  1. Caught by design? Definitely worth recording as a pb. Lovely fish!