Monday, 15 October 2018

Show & Tell - Lures

Really enjoying this lure fishing lark, and putting a few pike on Pike Blog! As my favourite lures change over time I thought I’d put the ones that are currently collecting scars here...

Savage Gear 4Play: slow sinking but I normally fish them just under the surface, fairly slowly - you can even stop them and they still get hit. The bleak pattern has taken a serious beating!

Bomber: first one was sent to me from the States by my brother, fishes 3-4 feet deep and moves like a fish (not the wiggling snake action lots of lures have). Battered and brand new above.

Storm Curl Tail: fairly cheap and great over snags and weed with the hook facing up. And the perch and pike love them, I wonder how many of these I’ve used to destruction!

Mepps: the old classic, pretty much unchanged since 1938! Great mid-water down to dragging bottom. I like the silver and blue ones best - and always ones with spots (even if I add them myself).

Jitterbug: another classic, and to be honest they really have to be in the mood to hit these - worth the effort though as the takes are spectacular! That’s my current go-to lures - what did I miss?

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