Wednesday 10 October 2018

Micro Pike

With the pike proving elusive - we weren’t even sure there were any in this pond - me and Richard had scaled are lures right down and were hitting a few perch. Love the action of these Storm curl tails.

Then Richard landed a micro pike, and within half an hour we’d had two each and lost another two - we had stumbled onto a pike nursery! Were there bigger pike here eating them?

The answer came when a double appeared from nowhere and sucked up my tiny lure, thrashing about on the surface she quickly shed my hook - cr*p - about 12lb - first chance this season to bag a double!

The micro pike had vanished but I did land this larger jack (easily big enough to eat the micro pike). It got me thinking; I’ve got a few pike-pattern lures at home - they’ll be going for a swim next time...


  1. Is there anything cuter than a baby pike?

    1. Makes me want to set up an aquarium!

    2. I did plan to have one once upon a time. I already had carp, chub, gudgeon and a skimmer.

      I priced up a long tank for a pike at one end and an area for minnows at the other. The plan being to open the gate at feeding time.

      Size and cost prevented it - and the other tank split at 1 am one night which was a bit of a kerfuffle.

    3. My Dad had a tank with chub, gudgeon, minnows etc in when I was a kid. Eventually the chub got big enough to eat everything else - so the chub and survivors we released back into the river. It was goldfish from then on!