Tuesday 4 September 2018

Untapped Potential?

Last time I fished the carp pond my bread was getting nibbled away by blade rudd, millions of them - this would be an ideal environment for big perch. And as the only baits used here are boilies and bread are there unseen monsters lurking about?

Armed with a tub of lobworms it was time to find out. Aiming at the rudd shoals I quickly found perch - I was expecting a long wait but I caught 10 small perch in quick succession - perch confirmed I think I’ll wait for some of the weed to die back and have a lure reccy.

Out of worms in no time I’m glad I brought some bread - three carp off the top; 10lb 8oz (above), 11lb 0oz and one about 5lb. Love the shape of these carp, streamlined body and massive tails - and are rumoured to get to nearly 20lb - I’d like to see one that size!

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