Saturday 22 September 2018

It's A Koi. This Time!

It took about an hour, perhaps two, to spot my target - there was only one fish I was interested in! When I did I quickly set the kit up, just a hook tied to the main line and floating crust for bait...

Problem was there was a little ghostie with him who was mad for the bread - I pulled the bait out of his way a couple of times - which felt very odd considering they were the target for quite a while...

But eventually he found a bait, a proper koi carp - what a beauty! Another fish added to the species hunt. After a couple of photos I released him and wandered downstream to find that ghost.


  1. Nice one Brian, there is a big one in the Warwickshire Avon, even the Wife was amazed when she saw it too.

    1. See a few of them on the local, but because they are easy to spot they have seen it all before - specifically targeting them is a fools quest... Which doesn’t say a lot about me..!