Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Back-Up Plan

Having caught exactly 400 local barbel over the past four seasons there is a thought in the back of my mind to try and make it 500 in five seasons - it’s now or never if I let it slip.

I plan on concentrating on pike this winter and have bought a ticket to fish some fairly local ponds known to contain pike - a back-up for the inevitable winter river floods.

To hedge my bets I thought I’d try and get as many barbel on the scorecard before the pike season kicks off - if I had 60 it would leave an average of 8 per month over the remainder of the season.

They seem to want a static bait, although it doesn’t have to be still for long so I’m using a little lead and dislodging it every 2-5 minutes. Seems to work; 5 barbel to about 6lb added - total now 48.

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