Saturday 25 August 2018

Peligro: Sharks

Last trip of the holiday and again the tide was pretty flat but the surf was full of mullet, hopefully the predators had followed them in. Fresh mullet were caught and chunks went out as bait...

For those who don’t speak the lingo; ‘PELIGRO’ is Spanish for ‘DANCE’, there is a diagram and some basic instructions, you may be asked to perform the dance before being allowed onto the beach!

A couple of hours passed before one of the rods pulled over, something heavy plodded about before we saw a decent stingray in the surf, this was followed by a bigger stingray (above).

After loosing a blacktip on a stingray rig, one of the shark rods slammed over. Brilliant aerial fight in the shallow water before a 4’ 9” blacktip shark was on the beach - mission accomplished!

Running out of time the rods were cast back out. And it didn’t take long before shark number 12 hit the bait - not a monster but a little blacktip to wrap the trip up. Simply brilliant!


  1. Ah well, back to the stone loach hunt then.

    1. I was thinking barbel, perhaps an early season pike... But yeah, need a stoneloach...