Saturday 11 August 2018

Lightning Lemon

Into the night - again - searching for sharks in a favourable tide. And tonight we were surrounded by thunder storms, nothing overhead so it was safe to fish, but we were treated to a spectacular light show!

After a dropped run I hit a 5’ 8” lemon shark, great to get one on the beach pretty quickly. Over the next few hours we had dropped run after dropped run - and didn’t hit another fish - can’t win them all...

Paulos thought it was probably small sharks (or possibly even turtles) hitting the baits. Still, the five foot lemon made the night, and we will be back to try again! Oh, and the shark’s remora above.

Lemon Shark, 5’ 8”. Fight time: 0:11.


  1. Does it count as a pb if it's attached to a fish you catch? The great Remora quandary.

    Another cracking fish, well done.

    1. Cheers. Those remoras are very loyal, they don’t let go until the sharks are on the beach and have to be rescued.