Monday 13 August 2018

Blacktip 22281

A trip to Blacktip Island, I’d been looking forward to this and to hopefully getting a big shark on the beach during daylight. Kit ready, bait sorted we were on the dock to watch the sunrise...

Me and Paulos we joining Capt. Keen for a 30 minute run out to the island. Capt. Keen was soon into a couple of sharks. Then one of our rods tried to rip from the spike - I’ll let the photos do the talking...

First fish - Blacktip Shark, 5’ 2”. Fight time: 0:10.

An hour or so later - Blacktip Shark, 5’ 4”. Fight time: 0:15.

And this Shark was tagged, number 22281, measured and reported!

And then I hit something really powerful...

Bull Shark, 6’ 7”. Fight time: 0:55. What a way to finish the session!


  1. stunning photo..sod unhooking that though-i'm scared of pike!

    1. Stunning fish, and great photo in the daylight - worth travelling across the world for. Paulos did the unhooking! Carefully!!

  2. I take it you'll count the holiday a success then :o) It certainly looks like fun.

    1. Yeah, big shark off the beach and a cracking daylight photo - anything else is just going to be a bonus! Brilliant fun!!