Saturday 30 June 2018

Weird Fish

With the temperature set to scrape 30°C it was too hot for the fish - but I thought I’d give it a whirl - the worst that could happen was I’d get a suntan! First up trying to find some chub in the shade.

After quite a bit of walking I found two that were up for a bit of bread - something was weird with the chub* above, it fought differently, looked odd and felt odd when I picked it up. And red eyes!

Still scorching I turned my attention to catching a barbel, rolling a piece of meat down the little highways between the weed - brilliant to watch them dash out and take a bait in inches of water!

I managed to tempt ten into hitting a bait, loosing 4 of them to hook pulls - and all the ones I landed the barbless hook came out in the net. Best was about 4lb, but great fun in the summer sun!

*Could it be..? I’ve heard of them but never seen one. Fortunately I know a couple of people in the know, and sent them the photos. An extremely rare choach (chub/roach hybrid)... Fantastic!


  1. Replies
    1. Jammy bastard! I thought I had my fish of the season when I caught the double brownie - had to rethink that!!

  2. usually down to scale analysis or count,can't expect you to check pharyngeal teeth! oh,and by the way,they're not playing at night.

    1. Incredibly lucky to catch it, but also lucky it’s such a good example - I’ve already been warned the mat shot will get nicked and used and used across the web, perhaps I should add a copyright notice - not that they do any good!

      I thought they be on the feed at night during this hot weather - but should have learned by now not to try and predict their behaviour!!!