Monday 25 June 2018

On The Top

Afternoon on a new pond, fishing with old hand Richard. And after a few rigs, chopping and changing we got the carp feeding on bread on the surface - the water in front of us became carp soup!

We lost count but it was between 20 and 30 carp each, not big fish - mostly between 4lb to 8lb - but brilliant fun! Richard did manage a scrapper double - and we’ll be back for the big ones...


  1. Sometimes fish soup fishing has to be done. Got one on the way home from work. Dont go often, and when I do just an hour or so. Jumpers for goal posts stuff. I love it.

    1. Perfect conditions, wind blowing the bread back towards us where it caught on the weed line - and no birds. Must have had 90% of the carp in the pond in front of us until we ran out of daylight. Can’t beat a bit of easy, fish soup fishing once in a while!