Monday 18 June 2018

Canal Carp II

What a difference a week makes - the sunny weather has turned the canals green with algae and the duckweed is taking over, combined with more boat activity, spotting carp has got a lot more difficult. But I wanted another one to prove to myself the first wasn’t a fluke...

It took a lot of miles to find two feeding fish. Stalking them as they used the duckweed for cover, eventually the smaller one made a mistake. Great fight and a 8lb 15oz common was in the net - job done - but his pal looked like a mid-double - I’ll be back...

Fishing at range or in the wind I'm using a rig I’m playing with on the local pond:

The float sits the correct way up in the water, the small shot sinks the line between the rod and float, and the bread then floats about 6 foot beyond the float.

I cast well past the feeding fish, avoiding the ‘plop’ that gives the game away - and gently wind the bread into the carp’s path.

An added advantage is you can watch the float, once it moves you know the carp has taken the bread properly, not just mouthing it.

Or just use a controller float, but that doesn’t sound as good as an upside-down rig!

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