Wednesday 27 June 2018

Small River Fish 2

Hidden gems. If you’re prepared to put the miles in, can tolerate the odd nettle sting and the ever biting insects - I’ll bet there is a little slice of heaven near you. Us anglers are a lucky bunch!

On my local river, up to my neck in nettles, I was searching for a very rare shoal of rudd - and I found one. Got them feeding on maggots and set the gear up - except I’d left all my hooks at home - f#@k!

I’d spotted a fellow nettle treading angler about half a mile downstream, popped down and asked if I could buy a couple of hooks off him - he said no - instead gave me half a pack of 18’s...

What a top guy! Totally saved my afternoon - thank you. I’m pretty sure these hooks are antiques, but they’d do the job. Stick, pin and hook set - it was back to find my rudd shoal...

First up a couple of brown trout crashed the party...

Then I caught my target, my first rudd from the river, or 6 in fact...

A load of minnows, and this time I remembered to get a photo...

Another rare perch, a dace and a dozen chub...

And this little beauty - can’t beat ending the session with a goldfish!

Species Hunt. I’ve decided to do a mini-species hunt on my local river this season, I’d like to beat my previous best of twelve, already on 10 - but as each species gets ticked off the next gets more difficult!

Chub Barbel Perch
Chub Barbel Perch
Roach Dace Gudgeon
Roach Dace Gudgeon
Brown Trout Rudd Goldfish
Brown Trout Rudd Goldfish
Minnow Species 11 Species 12
Minnow Species Species
Species 13 Species 14 Species 15
Species Species Species


  1. Fantastic, millers thumb soon surely ?

    1. Or stickleback? Fishing hint - half a small redworm, let them chew on it and lift them out ;o)

      Your mini barbel is a beauty.

    2. Both high on the list. Bullhead ASAP, only ever see them in the summer. And I only ever seem to catch sticklebacks in winter. Oh, and mustn’t forget the stone loach!

    3. Those mini-barbel are fantastic, caught two that size so far (or the same one twice).

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. Really getting into this mini fish challenge, reminds me of fishing as a kid - although perch and rudd could only have been dreamed of - no access to them back on The Wye, back in the day.