Saturday 3 March 2018

Snow (Hey Oh)

It’s been really chilly for well over a week but the snow finally arrived, and stuck around. The white landscape was eerily quiet and looked beautiful - and I couldn’t resist a few photos...

I love the snow; reminds me of being a kid, praying school would be closed, snowballs, snowmen, sledging - frozen fingers and a continuous stream of snot. But we’ve got less than 2 weeks left...

We needed to find something that was going to feed in these conditions - pike would be my first choice but there was already salt in the water. Perhaps a snowy grayling on the pin...

We headed for a The Itchen and it was a good call. Lots of roaming about, 15 grayling, 1 roach, about 10 minnows and 30-40 brown trout - no monsters - but they didn’t have to be. Go away snow!


  1. Well done on beating the conditions. As for the continuous stream of snot - that obviously explains the beard :o)

    1. Not sure we beat the conditions but we played the hand we got. Yeah I was the only one with a beard in my school - you should see the class photo :-)