Wednesday 14 March 2018

Felina 17/18

The end of the season and I was on the riverbank - armed with a pint of maggots, half a loaf of bread and the stick 'n' pin - just waiting for enough light to attach the size 16 hook...

I wasn't after monsters just something to put a bend in the rod. And I was soon into the fish; a dozen or so chub to about 3½lb, a few dace and a couple of 8oz roach - pressure off the mission.

I managed to drag myself away and made a move to a secret gudgeon spot, I've pretty much neglected gudgeon this season - nearly left it too late - but I was hoping they were at home and on the munch...

Light ledger, red maggot and I bagged up - twelve gudgeon in just over an hour, the smallest was 1.2oz and the three biggest all went 2.0oz - yeah, I weighed them all! Perfect end to the season?

No, I needed 2 more barbel to take my local river total to 400 in 4 seasons, I liked the thought of a hundred fish average. Plus I needed that barbel fight to tide me over the three months...

The water was dirty but clearing - so back to basics, a bit of rolled luncheon meat. It took a few swims to find them - but I found the two more hard fighting barbel - perfect end to the season?!

OK then, one more cast - then one more - then one more - really last one... That was a knock... Perhaps just one more... Not a barbel but a cracking 5lb 0oz chub to end on... The perfect end to the season!


  1. We were only saying that 5lb Chub are rare as hens teeth and you go and catch one. Top effort, you had a great end to a quality season Vice Admiral!

    1. I was just waiting for something special to end the season on - considering my recent run - that’ll do nicely!!