Wednesday 28 February 2018

Fishing Pal

This was my companion on Sunday morning’s bitter River Stour, he kept landing on the rods and my feet. I gave him some maggots - in return he reminded me that fishing isn't just about catching fish!


  1. Amen! The wildlife often keeps me entertained and my on-going quest to get a Kingfisher close enough to photograph properly!

    1. As anglers we get to see a lot of wildlife that most people don’t - one of the perks of being on the riverbank all hours and in all conditions. The kingfisher photo is the hardest one to get, got plenty of photos of blue streaks myself!

      Thanks for the loan of your camera for this shot.

  2. Replies
    1. Beautiful with its feathers puffed up to shield it from the cold. Most places you’ll soon make friend of a wren or robin in exchange for a bit of bait - they know the hustle!