Friday 23 March 2018

Pike: Teeth & Time

Unlike barbel and chub I don’t have access to local pike, a pike trip requires a full day - combined with short daylight hours and flooding I never seem to do as much piking as I always plan. I really need to locate a stillwater fairly close as a flood back-up.

But they are my favourite species to fish for and it’s always great to get out after them. Piking less than I’d planned I still managed some fantastic fish; my first tidal double, doubles from new rivers and my biggest River Wye pike in quite a few years.

I also managed to complete the Oyster Treble, adding a river double to my canal and stillwater ones within the London tube network. So I finished the season with 24 pike including 4 doubles to 17lb 2oz - not bad, but hopefully I can do better next season...

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