Thursday 18 January 2018

Top Tip: Deodorant!

The zip on my coat kept breaking, I was complaining about it and my girlfriend said ‘just put some deodorant stick on it’ - new one to me but it worked. So I put some on the zip on my fishing bag - it has been dodgy for ages, now it’s as good as new - top tip!

Fishing wise I spent a couple of days trying to find a Stour chub, only one bite - a barbel that looked like a double - but it found freedom. I abandoned the chub and chucked a lure about; plenty of follows but only two hits - and both inexplicably failed to find a hook!

To get over the blank I spent a few hours more locally - chasing chub and barbel - but they are getting harder to locate. After a good wander about I found some fish willing to feed - bagging three barbel to about 5lb and two chub to about 3½lb - job done!

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