Saturday 27 January 2018

Camera Thingy

I've got an adapter that attaches my camera to a mini telescopic bankstick that is always in my bag - ideal when traveling light, I'm normally on my own when I 'need' that shot of a prized fish. Anyway, I left it behind last time I went fishing.

I was pretty much out of the way so I hoped it was still there and went back to get it. And decided last moment to take my kit - perhaps have a blast for an hour or so - why not? - I travel light so it wouldn't matter even if I didn't get the kit out of the bag.

I found it right where I left it - which was great because I bumped into the lump above - and ‘needed’ a photo! A beautiful 9lb 9oz barbel in top winter condition, and added one about 3lb for good measure.