Friday 5 January 2018


Father Christmas* brought me a couple of fishing rods - the Rovex Lure Pro Quads in eight and nine foot to replace the ones I’d broken last year - I love these rods and use very little else.

I’ve been looking forward to using them and fancied a blast at some perch but in these unsettled conditions I didn’t think they would feed - and I didn’t want a blank first outing.

I went after something more reliable, after all I’ve neglected the local barbel population for a couple of months. I selected the 8 foot version, idea for tight swims but still has the power I need.

Flooded and strong winds but I eventually found a few willing to feed - four barbel to about 5lb. Not monsters but still great fun, and it’s taken my river total to 99 this season.

*Thanks Mum & Dad.


  1. Nice!! Did you put a duct tape X on the floor in your room so he'd know exactly where to leave the presents?

    1. I saw him deliver them, and he was in disguise! He was dressed as a skinny black UPS delivery driver with a shaved head - but I knew it was him!!

    2. Funny that, at my house he's still a fat white guy with a beard.....