Wednesday 24 January 2018

Mild At Heart

The continuing rain has hampered the pike fishing, the rivers are in flood at worst and unsettled at best. I was hoping for a double every month of the pike season - but now I’m just hoping for better conditions for pike in February and March.

But it has been mild for the last few days, and despite not being able to stalk barbel in the coloured water they were on the feed - and put a bend in the rod! An afternoon wander resulted in five barbel, 8lb 6oz, 5lb 10oz, 8lb 1oz, 5lb & 6lb 0oz - that’ll do nicely!

Oh, and I added another four plus chub from the river this season, just scraped in at 4lb 0oz - the eleventh over the target weight. They are getting really difficult to locate, I seem to remember they disappeared this time last year - wonder where they go?


  1. Nice one, good to see some still coming out!

    1. Just need this rain to stop so we can chase down a few pike as well!

  2. Replies
    1. A cracking afternoon’s ‘work’ - cheers.