Wednesday 10 January 2018

Double Trouble

Quick couple of hours on the river, and barbel on in the second swim - it’s been a while since I’ve had a double so after a cracking (slightly nervy) fight I was delighted when the scales pulled round to 10lb 9oz, what a beautiful winter fish!

During the fight she spooked another big fish, so I went for a wander aiming to go back once things had settled. A lot of walking but I eventually found another, the 8lb 2oz barbel below, if I’m not finding many at least they’re big.

Back to swim two, and my bait was nailed within seconds - seriously thrashing the swim while I followed along behind before she found the net. I lifted the net briefly, definitely another double! I let her rest while I got the camera and scales ready...

The scales pulled round to 10lb 9oz... Fantastic... What..? Wait a second... I popped her back on the mat and scrolled to the photo from earlier - same fish again in just over two hours - not a brace of doubles but never mind - beautiful but dumb!


  1. I'd love waters like that round my neck of the woods, nice one Brian. Btw Sam rather happy with his long sleeve T-shirt, thanks again.

    1. But you have access to zander, very limited around here - swings and roundabouts! Glad Sam liked his t-shirt.