Monday 6 July 2015

Escape To The Farm VI

I did manage to escape to Marsh Farm for 4 hours on Saturday, fishing into the evening. And was instantly into the small roach - but the crucians were showing all over the swim - just a question of time…

The roach managed some convincing crucian bite impressions and some passable tench bite impressions - but it was only small roach that wanted to play all evening, the only thing that was interested in my prawns was a wasp that managed to dissect and transport 2½ of them over a couple of hours.

But sat under one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen (with a flat battery in my phone and my camera still with the barbel gear from earlier) there was nowhere else I'd rather be.

Crucians - I will be back...


  1. Horrible wasp. Do you remember how Ruff used to catch them, get stung, sulk for twenty minutes and then try to catch another?

    1. Fascinating wasp, think it was the same one - didn't see two at once - breaking them up and carrying them back to his nest. I left him a few prawns to keep him busy.

      Ruff wasn't a bright dog!