Monday 13 July 2015

Cutting It Fine

I really didn't have time to go fishing on Saturday, but I grabbed the gear and jumped on the bus. Traffic was bad and I arrived at the river just in time to leave (I had to meet my girlfriend when she finished work).

I had to have a cast, kit was quickly assembled and I headed down stream looking for a fish - and as you can tell from the photo - I found one! After a great fight for the size of the fish I made sure she when back well, chucked the kit in the bag and dashed off to the bus.

Cubes of luncheon meat used: 1
Barbel caught: 1
Minutes late: About 10 (I blamed the traffic not the fishing!)


  1. exceptionally economical of you!!!

    1. Next time I'm taking ten cubes of meat - make the tin last the season!