Tuesday 21 July 2015

A Roll After Work

Make hay while the sun shines! I decided at lunch time I'd shoot off after work, grab my gear as it was still packed from Saturday and hit the river for an hour this evening. And for once the tube, train and bus were on my side - I arrived at the river with about 1½ hours of daylight left.

And I was soon into the barbel adding five to my season - 3lb, 3¾lb, 6lb 13oz (top photo), 4½lb and 1¾lb - brilliant stuff! I also managed a couple of small chub about 12oz a piece, great way to finish a busy day at work.

BTW, I haven't got one small leg, one massive leg and no body. I didn't use the flash on the camera and in the low light and slow shutter speed I moved - at least I kept the barbel (fairly) still. Love that photo!

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