Friday 14 March 2014

Sunset On The Season

Another season is in the history books, and despite a long day on Penton Hook Island I didn't manage to add to my pike tally... Still it was great to be out on the water in the sunshine (better than being at work!).

Full season report to follow - I'm sure it won't take long this year! Highlights that spring to mind are all of being the net-man; netting Dan's double barbel, a double pike for James and that fantastic twenty for Paulos...


  1. With or without catches, your blog is always great stuff to read. All the best for the next season! ... In the meanwhile, should
    the author have time to finish Jack's Pike vol.4, I guess there
    should be quite a few people looking forward to that. :)

    1. Really sorry, it is written just don't want to rush drawing it. Need a few extra hours in the day... (Jack's Pike 5 is written as well).