Monday 10 March 2014

Red River: One Last Cast

Just over an hour left before hacking it back to London, what to do? What to do? Go and chuck a lure about... Wye not?


  1. Back home now and thinking about what a great couple of days fishing it was. I was very fortunate to have had lady luck smiling on me with a run of beautiful fish. (shame she looked the other way when the bank was a tad slippery!) I have to thank you though for being a top bloke for knowingly sticking me in the best looking spots, karma will reward you next season I'm sure.
    Can't really believe how much we saw in such a short space of time, pike rolling, watching them whack the float baits, kingfishers, swans battling each other almost to death etc...
    I am inspired to make a trip in the warmer weather and chase a few of the perch on ultra light gear, it just looks like a lot of fun. Well done on your lure caught jack, a really special way to end an unexpected trip.
    Fitted the new mags to the reels this morning and getting ready to gear up for some sharking. Hope to see you later in the year.

    1. Some fantastic fishing, made my season and that twenty was a great fish!

      Bit light on blogging but heavy on the fishing (the right way round), the epic swan battle could have been a blog post on its own.

      And I'm glad you thought I was running to your aid when you fell in, if the flash had worked I'd have posted the photo!

      Good luck with the shark season, see you soon.