Sunday 9 March 2014

Red River: Last Day

Last day on the Red River and we arrived before sunrise, Paulos landing this 11lb 11oz pike as the sun was coming up... Brace yourself, he finished a cracking weekend in style...

Next up I had this 9lb 7oz pike... Then I was going to spend the day being net-man...

A scrappy 6lb...

Another double, 10lb 12oz... I had lost three pike to hook pulls at this point - exactly the same kit, am I doing something wrong or is it an unlucky streak?

Then the same 6lb pike again! [Recapture: +51 min later].

And a new 6lber, which managed to shake the hook free during the fight, but he spent too long savouring his freedom and was scooped up in the net...

Then we headed off in search of a perch for a couple of hours...

No luck with the perch, so we returned to pike... Didn't take long for Paulos to hit this 14lb 5oz - his sixth over 10lb this weekend.

A couple of lost fish before this 7lber...

And finally I hit a double... Recapture... Crap! [+95 minutes]. To be honest, it's been a pretty poor season for me, it was nice to end it on a double!

We really didn't think we'd get much time pike fishing this week, so to fit in two full days and an afternoon was a great result.

I think it's fair to say Paulos had the lion's share of the luck... So I'm delighted to report that as we were packing up this evening he fell in! Brilliant!


  1. That's is crazy fishing! Only the Wye can provide that, so so jealous......well done guys

    1. We've run out of season, but I'm planning a trip back in September if you're up for it...

  2. Awesome piking guys. That 10.12 looks huge! Ben

    1. Cheers Ben.

      The 10-12 is a great photo, it was a recapture from the day before [+21 hours 57 minutes], looks huge in both photos. Was 2oz lighter today.

  3. This was a day of fishing I will never forget. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

    1. You really did have Lady Luck on your side... Right place, right time... Nice one!