Thursday 27 March 2014

Pike Challenge: Results

The Challenge: 200lb of pike, including 5 doubles, over the 2013/2014 river season. And I thought it was going to be a fairly easy one this year after the barbel challenges of the previous two seasons... Little did I know what work and the weather had install...

I managed 14 pike for 92lb 11oz and a total of 4 doubles to 16lb 1oz - Failed! I wasn't worried by a slow start, I knew the Wye over December and January would save me - but the floods had other ideas.

James had his own challenge after 200lb and 5 doubles, but after a healthy start his campaign was also ultimately finished off with the floods. Interestingly Paulos would have come the closest with only 5 trips to the Wye - he landed on some cracking days!

Brian14 92lb 11oz 4
James 19 113lb 13oz 3

Next season I'm going to try again, as is James - and this time we're going to pool our resources; James showing me some local haunts, and me putting him on some Penton and Wye pike... Hopefully we'll have better luck next time...


  1. I guess timing is everything! If I can get a cheap ticket I might try it again next year, I've got the bug again now.

    1. No wonder you got the bug:
      Trips: 5 (1 blank)
      Weight: 142lb 3oz
      Doubles: 6 (not including 20)
      Twenties: 1 (23lb 12oz)

  2. I caught 14 as well, unfortunately only 1 double. Tight lines for next season, looking forward to the updates.


    1. Cheers Darren. I say it every year but this season I am starting my campaign earlier... Bit of summer lure fishing is in order!

      And good luck yourself next season.