Monday 18 June 2012

Day 3: Stalking. Dan Style.

The plan: Same plan as yesterday, it seemed to work. But not today, we tried baiting and waiting but we didn't see any fish moving, there were no knocks on the rod tips and worst of all it didn't feel right...

Dan had a new plan, stalking. I've stalked fish, you sneak up on them, lure them into a false sense of security with free samples, then bam; one with a hook in it!

Dan's plan was different, wander along and spot places that barbel would like. Shallow gravel runs, submerged rocks and snags etc then mark them with a stick in the bank. Stalking features.

It didn't matter that there were no fish in them, we'd either get in well upstream of them and cast down later or revisit them under the cover of darkness. The former worked on this occasion, a great long-range fight and a 7lb 3oz barbel. I really like this plan.

I found a couple of places it turns out boot-lace eels like to hang out - but I like the ideas of marking spots to try at night. Areas a couple of foot square as opposed to whole swims.


  1. Would like to say Dan has the midas touch, but as commented, is at arms lenght??? lol

    1. I'm photographing the barbel, not Dan :)

    2. was tongue in cheek :p

    3. We'll stop doing them at arms length when everyone else does :)

      BTW, he estimated this one at 7lb 2oz, one ounce out again... Getting good... Or lucky!