Thursday 21 June 2012

Day 6: Chub

One of the things missing from our season so far (I know it's only a few days old) is a decent chub, so here we go, 3lb 15oz - not a bad start. With a bit of rain water in the river we thought the barbel might play today but we were wrong, the only other action was from a dreaded chinese mitten crab.

One more day and I've fished the whole opening week, it's tough going getting up really early to get work done then fishing the afternoons and evenings, think I'll have a break over the weekend. Now what's on the agenda tomorrow... Carp or barbel?


  1. Nice one. Chub that size usually give a good fight.

    1. They put up a good fight in daylight, you just wind them in when it's dark - wonder if they have to see where they're heading?