Monday 25 June 2012


Dan, Darren and myself spent the evening exploring some new swims (or wading about in nettles - my hands are still tingling as I write this). Second spot and I connected to a chub about two and a half pounds (above) then we leapfrogged our way down the river searching for a barbel.

We found a few great swims, which will see me chucking a few baits in over the course of the summer. Fishing off a high bank I had a wrap-round bite just as Darren walked past, perfect timing - as it would have been very tricky to net the fish on my own, and a 3lb 10oz barbel.

Dan then had an eel before I lost what felt like a big barbel, got it snagged in the side and after ten agonising minutes trying to free it the line broke and it escaped unseen - barbless hook, so it will be fine. Then just as we were leaving Darren hooked a barbel, but again it escaped unseen - gutted...

Can't wait to get back down there and give it another go!

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  1. Good going with the Barbel Brian.....despite all the nettles that seem to be about, there seems to be a complete dearth of dock leaves. When I was a kid in Wales they were always growing together.

    1. You're right, on the Wye wherever there are stingers there is also a cure. And they seem to be particularly vicious on the Wandle (or am I just getting old?)