Thursday 21 June 2012

Roger's Double

During the gudgeon match yesterday my phone rang, I had a healthy lead so I answered it. It was Roger on a terrible line 'zzz... barb... pel.. zz.. ten pound five and a half ounces... ri... ma... ten pound five and a half ounces...'

First session, first fish and he's cracked it, a Wye double, a spawned out solid 10lb 5½oz barbel - and people call me lucky! It's not his first double but it's the only one he's weighed and is therefore his official personal best. Top fishing that man!

Probably best to skip the rest of the barbel season and move straight on to cracking the 30lb pike!


Chub Eat Mice!
When I was fishing on the opening morning I saw James (My Fishing Exploits) catch a nice 4lb chub, from which he extracted the remains of a recently eaten mouse - I'll leave the gruesome details to his blog.

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