Tuesday 26 June 2012

Nettles II

Unfinished business! I hate losing a fish, everyone does, you've done the hard work - you've found it, conned it into biting a hook and then for whatever reason you don't get your prize. And losing the last fish of the session - as I did yesterday - is even worse. Losing that fish last night has played on my mind all day at work.

So this evening I was back! First off I baited the swim where I lost the fish yesterday, then I went to the spot Darren lost his fish and tackled up. Bite first cast, nicked the bait. Next cast I was in, cracking 5lb 8oz barbel to start the session - I was feeling better already.

I then set about exploring a few new swims. And getting stung. I found a few more spots worth further investigation, and had a few little knocks. Only one real bite, a real barbel-like rod ripper and landed my best chub so far this season 4lb 4oz. I was going to try a self-take photo but I got so stung netting it I settled for a photo in the net.

As darkness fell I crept back to the spot I lost the fish yesterday, this time my usual 6lb line was swapped for 8lb to give me a little bit more persuasive power over who was getting in what snag.

Half an hour without a knock and I was packing my bag for home.

A last minute bite hooped round and I connected to my fish, it was quickly bullied past the snag then put up a great fight. Not the biggie I hooked yesterday but a lovely 4lb 1oz barbel to end on - I can sleep easy tonight!

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