Thursday 1 December 2011


Afternoon session on the Wandte, we decided to fish the last hour of daylight and the first hour of dark. On route we saw these fungi (above), Dan had seen them on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and remembered you could eat them, they are supposed to taste like salty biscuits... They tasted like crap!

We got to our chosen spot and started fishing. It was more difficult than usual as my hands were made of purple and Dan had evolved into a being made entirely of energy, perhaps there was something wrong with the mushrooms? We couldn't tell over the loud psychedelic music playing in our heads.

Dan seemed to catch a big chub, but by now I knew both Dan and the chub were against me. I photographed them anyway so they wouldn't suspect anything...

Four million hours clicked by in the blink of an electric eye before I had a bite, initially we thought I'd hooked a rainbow, but it then seemed to be a great big bloody goldfish.

With that we decided to stop fishing and try and find the mushrooms, but sadly they'd gone home...


Couple of hours on the Wandte after a chub, Dan was ledgering meat, I used maggots. Dan was first up with a new PB chub of 4lb 6oz. Next up I had a cracking fight and a new PB koi of 6lb 9oz. We sat it out in the rain for a bit but soon the pub was calling... Mushrooms?! Really!

A beautiful koi, so we photographed both sides...


  1. Jimmy Hendrix would have been proud!

    Oh, and so should you both be as well. Cracking fish!


  2. Fear and loathing on the river Wandle? No idea why I decided to write it like that!

    But a couple of hours and a new PB each, not bad fishing.

  3. Haha thats great, Ime not convinced you never ate those mushrooms though haha,
    Little tip here, If you can peel them you can eat them, But it doesnt mean they will taste great, Love the edited pictures as well as the good ones,
    Well done to you both on the new PB's,
    And thanks for the funny write up,

  4. Cheers guys. No mushrooms were harmed in the making of this post - I think it would be a post about a trip to hospital if they were!

  5. Have a closer look at the koi and look at "kevin"

  6. I checked him against Kevin the koi but couldn't decide... They are very similar, but now you've said it I'm convinced. He's traveled - and healed!

    I didn't mention it in the post but nice one with the December barbel - any more?