Saturday 17 December 2011

It's Getting Cold...

A trip to the Wandte today, the last trip of the year. I was planning on making a day of it, but I had to work this morning, so we didn't hit the river until 3pm.

Our chosen target was chub but they weren't playing today, the only thing interested in the luncheon meat was a friendly robin (below). We fished into the dark, but freezing temperatures and sleet drove us off the riverbank, fish-less, just after five.

We'll be back in January...


  1. Managed a short session myself at about the same time and managed a chub (2lb 9)and a barbel (3lb 14), before getting chased off by that same sleet shower and the fact I had scalded my hand pouring tea ou the flask...doh.


  2. Sorry you never had the time to stay and catch, But they are two great pictures from your day, I just love the robin, Really is christmas now,
    All the best to you and yours Brian,