Friday 30 December 2011

Wye - It's Raining!

Well it's raining and the river is starting to rise again (pretty rapidly this evening). But spurred-on by Steve's success yesterday & the fact I'm running out of time this trip, I got the wet weather gear out and hit the river.

A long walk this morning to fish some seldom fished River Wye, but the river was already too high. I started float fishing in the slack bays and feeder streams, but soon I swapped to a ledgered sprat and worked my way back upstream.

Nothing until the last spot, a run and a great fight in the dirty water - I didn't see the fish until it was at the net - where the hook pulled. The pike briefly savored it's freedom before darting into the waiting net, what luck!

Quick photo in the net (nobody was mad enough to accompany me today). 10lb 6oz, a fish on the bank is always a great day!

If you're wondering why I didn't head back to the same spot as yesterday; it's normally a no fishing stretch - we had special permission yesterday.


  1. Never easy on a rising river, but a good result in the end. Nice one

  2. Well done Brian thats a good catch, Do the pike tend to come on or go off the feed while the waters are riseing, It seems to put them of here in the north west,

  3. Glad to see you have had some fish, some good'uns as well! Hope you got all you wanted, and a good New year to you! See Dan today, he had as much luck as me although missed 2 wrap rounds. See you in the new year,


  4. Ah the old "crafty scoop" trick, good 'arra's indeed squire!