Wednesday 21 December 2011

Wye - Predicting The Future

If you've read this blog before you know I believe in luck. My fishing is almost entirely based on luck, sometimes I have it, sometimes not.

But a bit of preparation doesn't hurt, and predicting the river levels is one way to do it. Unfortunately it's not always good news - but sometimes you can spot a day or even a few hours when you think the fish will feed.

My trip to the River Wye this Christmas is set in stone, visiting my parents, brother and family are flying over from the States - but I'll need to escape and go pike fishing - once or twice...

So using the BBC weather website and the Environment Agency website I can monitor the water levels. And by watching how the five day weather forecast effects upstream levels and tracking it down the river I can see what's going to happen 5 days in advance... Well, that's the theory anyway...

Forecast - Water Levels - Builth Wells
Forecast - Water Levels - Hay-On-Wye
Forecast - Water Levels - Hereford
Forecast - Water Levels - Ross-On-Wye
Forecast - Water Levels - Monmouth

The links above are mainly for my own use as they are bookmarked on my computer in London.

I've watched it for a couple of weeks and I think I'm getting the hang of it. Best pack my lucky hat just-in-case!


  1. So with the weather being warmer than usual, does that mean we may be able to catch some Bleak?


  2. I know you requested mild weather but it's getting ridiculous! Should be warm enough for bleak (I had intended to go and catch some in the summer and freeze them but never got round to it).

    In fact, looking at the blogs, forums and AT the only things that aren't being caught are the pike!