Thursday 15 December 2011

The River Wye

I was fishing with my dad. I had already caught my very first pike a couple of weeks ago and was desperate to get another one before the season ended. I trotted a dace live bait across the deep hole at the Brook Mouth and hooked into the tree at the bottom of the swim...

The bait was lost and a piece of bark was attached to the hook, as I wound it in a pike swirled at it. The excitement was almost unbearable as dad put another dace on the single treble hook...

I cast out and just as the bung settled it shot under the water. I remember my dad telling me to give it a few seconds but I was already striking...

An epic battle ensued, the only part of the capture I can't really remember, but soon the pike was gaffed gently under the chin...

A five pounder, a monster, photographed on film that would take an age before it was developed. To the utter horror of the match-men I later told, I slipped it back, hoping to see it again the following year...

I can't remember the year or how old I was, but I can remember every other detail. Details I reported back to my mum, brother, teachers and friends for the weeks (months) that followed.

Can't wait to go piking with my dad and brother at Christmas!


  1. Hahaha thats great and what a memory,
    Gaffed haha bet you wouldn't be doing that these days,
    Hope you have some good fun with the family at christmas,

  2. Nice Parka!!

    I reckon thats about 1985. You should post a few more of the oldies up, this one made me chuckle this morning. I seem to remember a good one of you emptying the water out of your wellies.....Those were the days:)

    Very much looking forward to it as well.


  3. You remember me emptying water out of my wellies. I remember falling in. In the snow!

  4. Yep thats right. Seems like I remember you starting out ankle deep and sliding out further and further in the slick mud whilst I was in hysterics on the bank!
    That was hell of a swim though, wasn't it.

  5. Including both banks I think it did three nineteens and two twenties... Proper pike swim!