Tuesday 1 March 2011

The Barbel Are Feeding

I hooked into a Wandte barbel, it went up and down the river, round and round, and made a great fight of it. When it got into the torch beam it was about a pound, I knew it wasn't a monster but I was thinking about 3 or 4 pounds - I'd forgotten how hard these little river fish fight.

While I was away pike fishing Dan hit the Wandte to see if the barbel were feeding again after the winter freeze and was rewarded with a 2lb 2oz fish.

Despite the cold weather we headed to the weir for a couple of hours just after dark. There were bites, violent but quick bites which were almost impossible to hit. I managed the barbel above and a boot-lace-eel, so they are definitely starting to feed again - we just need a warmer night before the season ends...

Dan's fish from the weekend.

D+, Need to work harder on the self-take photos... 2lb 2oz.


  1. A couple of nice Barbel, Well done, I didn't think anyone would be catching barbel yet, So they must be getting hungry,
    Dont worry about the self take to much Dan, We all get it wrong to start with haha,
    Great stuff,