Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Last Day...

I popped down to the Wandte for a couple of hours yesterday, the last day of the course fishing season. I was meeting Dan for a barbel session at 5.30pm but decided to go a bit early and have a go for one last chub. By the time I'd arrived I'd left myself about 20 minutes to land a chub, close, but do-able. Bite first cast which I missed while setting up the net, bite second cast - miss, bite third cast - miss! Fourth cast lucky and I had a 3lb 2oz chub, which was quickly photographed and I headed off up stream to meet Dan.

20 minutes to catch a chub... no problem! 3lb 2oz

I met Dan and we headed to the spot where I had the six pounder last week, as it was getting dark we had a number of little rattly bites and thought they get more confident as night fell. They didn't, bites dried up and we both sat watching stationery rods for a couple of hours. A decision was made to head to a peg upstream where we've had a number of fish before.

Get that barbel out of your mouth!

Dan had a fish on before I'd managed to cast out, a barbel getting on for a pound. My first cast met with a slamming bite and a 2lb 10oz barbel, my second best of the season. We fished on for half an hour but nothing else was playing and we headed for home about nine. The 2010/2011 season was in the history books...


  1. The Last day paid dividends to both of you, Pity there were no more of the big 6ers, But well done guys,

  2. Well you fished hard to the end this season! Great looking fish, looks like Dan is enjoying the TASTE of victory one last time!!