Saturday 12 March 2011


The problem: You can only use sea fish as bait for trout-water pike. Fair enough, you don't want to introduce a disease to the water with livebait or dead naturals. And it's the same for everyone. But are trout-water pike associating sea fish with danger? Especially at the end of the season when they've seen it all before.

The idea: Mimics! I've been experimenting with dying herring to look like trout, I've tested a few food colourings and created a blend that will stay put even in running water - the tap test. The cat approves, but will the pike be fooled? Now, where to test them...

PS. Gardening is for the closed season!


  1. I had to check the calendar before I posted and it is deffinately not April 1st!!!

    Fantastic photo of the cat and the idea of mimics ?????

    Well it could get you sectioned ...hahahahaha

    Tight lines old chap I hope the work is worth it.

  2. Glad that time at art college wasn't wasted !!! Jane

  3. Nice one Brian, I think you need another one of the red tablets and an hour in the calm room, Unless of course they work that is hahaha
    Now i think the garden needs a spot of tenderness,
    Good luck,