Saturday 19 March 2011

Season Review 2010/11

Well that's it for the season, the reels have been washed, the rods wiped down and everything packed up until the summer. Time to have a look back at the season...

River Wye: I had a very poor season on the Wye, with only 6 pike landed. This was mostly due to poor weather conditions and bad timing, I always seemed to arrive as the river was flooding or freezing! Roger managed 7 fish including 4 doubles to 14lb 8oz, I did have a 14lb 6oz fish and a twenty of 20lb 2oz - the fish that saved my season. Chew Valley: I got to fish Chew after reading about it for years, I can't describe how exciting fishing there was, the thought of those thirties swimming about beneath my feet. It was a tough day but I did manage a jack and a new lure-caught PB of 17lb. River Thames: I put in a lot of hours for one lost fish, next season I'll get one!

I spent a fantastic two weeks in October shark fishing with my brother in Georgia and Florida. Eleven sharks to 6' 11" as well as three red drum, 3 barracuda and a big stingray. That combined with deserted beaches, the wildlife, great weather and great company means I'll be back (plus I want to catch a seven footer).

I have definitely fallen in love with this little river, it's such a contrast to the big rivers I'm used to. Myself and Dan have put a lot of hours in and we are starting to get a handle on it. We caught over 100lb of fish, including 35 barbel. I think we'll be spending a lot of time here in the summer. And we've got a fairly respectable river record list to better next year.

Barbel6lb 6oz Eel2lb Approx
Carp7lb 10ozKoi3lb 15oz
Chub5lb 2oz Roach12oz

I also managed a new PB eel from the Thames of 2lb 11oz. And caught some new species, bream, ruffe and a brown goldfish... Never did find that zander, something for next season... 87 days to go...

...See you then.

PS. And as it's getting quieter here it's all about to kick off in the States, so I'll be keeping an eye on Shark Blog & Team X-Ta-Sea.


  1. Thats not a bad season Brian, But like i said when you were Blogging the Sharks and Rays you had caught, It would take a lot of beating when you come back to the Pikeing, It was just starting to pick up for you when the Season came to an end,
    I would love to have a go at the Chew for Pike,
    That seems to be the place now,
    Cheers Brian,

  2. Hi!
    Nice season review. I'm jealous for that river with so many barbels. I never cought a big barbel. It is fantastic fish!
    I will write something about zander fishing on my blog and describe awesome polish zander jig called "kogut". I make them myself using cock capes.
    Maybe it will help you with your zanders :)
    Visit my blog soon
    Fishing in Poland

  3. Well another season is done, and done well. You have fished hard this year and although conditions were conspiring against you you caught some amazing fish and I'm sure you learnt a lot.
    As for your time over here, you definitely made a few of my friends jealous. You out fished some peoples whole season in two weeks.
    Your pike lure design looks like a juvenile alligator to me!!!!!
    Well done on some great fish.

  4. Thanks guys. Any season that includes a twenty is a good one. And I think we've started to work out how to find the Wandle barbel... 85 days until we can test the theory. I'll be applying to fish Chew again next year, so I'll keep you posted Paddy. Jarek, nice site - I'll have a good read through it. And what can I say about those sharks - fantastic, but you've got the pressure of putting Roger on a beach caught whopper now! I'm still working on my pike-plug, it's a bit cartoony at the moment.